Seeing the Man of my Dreams in the Flesh!

My husband and I were committed to each other online for a long while before we got hitched. As you might guess, a long distance marriage was not so easy. Imagine having a burning love for someone, and you cannot reach out to simply hold hands with that special person! There were many tears shed between us; but, Mohsen and I were determined to make our relationship, later our marriage, work. With much faith, prayers, hard work, and dedication we stayed strong, and we fell deeper in love the harder we worked for each other. Today, we could not be happier. InshaAllah our spiritual bond and love deepen as we continue to grow old together.

The photos below were taken during our first live meeting: after 1 a.m. he arrived at the airport in Tehran (IKA) with beautiful white roses. We shared a meal in the hotel lobby and went to our separate rooms.

Check out my hotel photos in a later blog! #TheIranIKnow




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